terça-feira, 30 de agosto de 2011

Nothing to Say

When you think that your world has stopped in time, when your life doesn't have a course or a plan, nothing closer, you don't have anymore to do than observe another person life, and try to understand the human being with comportamental feelings. Its a sucks, a really boring program to do for your life. But, what can we do in this cases? Nothing, because my life are in a complete calm and peace, and It always happens in this ways. Sometimes one or another problem to solve, whatever thing to do, and next, peace and calm. This things just happens because my problems is easily solved, Maybe because I'm a person that just don't give a fuck about this problems, and always see ever situation with simplicity and clarity. Anyway, my problems are only mine, and nobody have nothing to have to know about it.

You're just thinking right now: "you are completely, totally crazy! what the fuck are you complaining about not having any major problems? What? This isn't good? Are you crazy?" Yes, my dear reader, maybe I'm crazy. But you're totally right, why am i protesting? maybe because I'm just a poor rich girl that never truely suffered. Or I'm a poor rich girl that has self protection and doesn't accept sufferings. Or I'm a poor rich girl that just want some action in your day by day.
Whatever, this is just one more problem that I'm creating just for post somenthing in this blog, and I'll gonna make with this little problem a same thing that I had did with all others: ignore.

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  1. \o/ graças a deus pelo tradutor (google) neh? kkkkkkk
    se nao, eu ia ficar sem ler um post seu... ¬¬

    passando tbm pra te convidar a dar uma passadinha la no meu blog tem post novo... espero que goste ♥
    adoro receber sua visita e claro sua opniao ...



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